Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flood Story in Jakarta

Today I am forced to go to the office becoz I have this attendance form which will be expired if I don't submit it to HR by today.

the flood have bad affect to traffic, the Buses refused to pick people up, because they were afraid to cross the street around Tosari and Duku Atas. So I had to walk my way around it myself.

I suddenly felt a blitz of childhood memories. So it was a fun flood for me.
but maybe for the victim in the suburban area whose houses got badly affected by the flood, would never think of it as a fun adventure. Anyway, I can think of a million reason not to work today, but here I am and I have to stay until six o'clock in the afternoon.

Here are some of the pictures that I gathered from the flood site. hope it will remind me to always put the garbage in the right bin

always value water.
and always treasure the moment.
I mean, the flood affected all kind of people. It doesn't care whether you live in those fancy apartments or in the river side, either way you will get the same negative experience coz of this flood.

But it was still fun.

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