Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flood in Jakarta

As i write this blog, the flood continues to ruin everyone  life. But it is something to enjoy, and not to be stressed about.

enjoy your house being flooded with dirty water
enjoy your time stuck in the heavy traffic
enjoy your damp and smelly clothes
and maybe you will finally realize that we are a part of this disastrous event.

how come we always succeeded to point finger to others but never to ourself
hey, it is in our genes.
hey the government fail to do their job
hey, they throw rubbish carelessly
hey, what a surprise this is!

yeah right!

flood happens every year and it will never stop until we wake up and change our own life.
start small, end big.

but if this continue every year, then we might as well buy a rubber boat to get easily every where.
and enjoy the ride
enjoy the sightseeing
enjoy Life!

have a great Flood everyone!

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